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  1. Reflection and Evaluation

    1. What could we do if we had more time?
    2. How could you see what was going on in the activities?
    3. How did your group work? Solo work? Why?
    4. What skills did you use today?
    5. What did you learn about yourself and the way you work with others?

  2. 1. We could have done some more drama activities or plan on doing a play or anything like that.
    2. I could see that we were learning ways to communicate using our body and other ways.
    3. We did work as a team, this is because we need the team to make the letters so we could communicate using our bodies.
    4. I used communication skills, we used our teamwork to finish our activities.
    5. I learned that sometimes in life, you can be a solo guy, but when you need to do things that just can’t be done by yourself, you can use teamwork to complete the task.

    • Thank you very much Vasanth. You did well during the activities. Good use of the non verbal communication (facial expression, posture and gesture)! Your score 8/10.

  3. 1. We could do more words or do a silent team story
    2. We could not
    3. The group was hectic because of misunderstandings and we did not have solo work
    4. We communicated with our body, planned and used teamwork
    5. Not much

  4. 1.We could have played the slow game after the fast games we played to cool down.
    2.I saw that we were doing creative things like making letter and numbers only with our bodies and we played some sort of tag game but in slow motion.
    3.My team worked well because we would listen to everyone’s opinions and we would choice the best one. There wasn’t really a leader who would make us do what only they wanted.
    4.Communication skills and body movements so show what we meant.
    5. That working in a team can be really fun and easy only if you listen to everyone’s opinions and if you don’t act like the boss all the time.

  5. 1) We could have done some speaking instead of showing.
    2) I saw that we were doing creative activities for exaple the egg game or the game that you had to walk slow and try to touch someone’s knee.
    3) When we had to create a show are group went well. We had some good ideas which was sometimes funny.
    4) We most showed our showing skills.
    5) I leanred that team work is very important to show a good play.

  6. 1. We could have discussed our ideas for different sorts of movies on a topic.
    2. We were making different different numbers and letter by our bodies.
    3.My group had fun which is the most important thing. We all worked by cooperation and coordination. Without cooperation and hearing what others have to say we can’t do nanny thing.
    4. We used communication and body movement skills to understand each other.
    5. I learned that teamwork and trust is important in a team and planning and faith is important solo.

  7. 1. What could we do if we had more time?
    I think if we had more time, I would have like to do more of individual improv activities. I thoroughly enjoyed doing that activity in the whole class.

    2. How could you see what was going on in the activities
    I saw that we were learning to work together and communicate with in each game/ activity that we did.

    3. How did your group work? Solo work? Why?
    Our group worked really well and created interesting ideas, such as snowball fights and chairs. I did well in solo improv, but sometimes I struggled thinking of new ideas. Overall, I was happy with the end results, even after my struggle.

    4. What skills did you use today?
    The skills I used were my acting skills/ improv skills in the group and solo activities. In the games, I mostly used the skill of communication because the games required watching others and talking to others.

    5. What did you learn about yourself and the way you work with others?
    I learned that I’m more open with my ideas and I am becoming more creative with my ideas. Also, I am getting better at working in a group.

  8. 1) we could have done a few other activities like the one with the voices and the one where you tell us a secne and we do the actions in one place.

    2) I could see that all of us were working as a team to stop at the same time in one of the activities and help each other to make the alphabets and to the one with the box we were listening to each other’s ideas and opinions on which one to choose.

    3) (Me, Simon and Elias) our groupe worked very well bacau we listened to each other, we were open minded and tried our best to have fun while we were working on the planning.

    4) today I used cooperation, listening, accepting and following skills to do the best I could.

    5) I learned that if I listen to others opinions it can give me more knowledge on how to do drama and other activities while thinking outside the box. To change a few things when I work with others is about not interrupting when they talk and not disagreeing with their idieas.

  9. 1. We could have done more activities like the samurai game and the vampire one.
    2.i could see that we working as a group to make the alphabets , evade the vampire and stop when the leader stops
    3.my group worked well and we made creative and funny ideas like the fight over the new video game console .
    4. I used communication , listening , and acting skills.
    5.i learned that sharing ideas with each other and acting as team is essential for a good play .

  10. 1.We could have played a few more activities
    2. I Could see that we were evading the vampire , stop when the leader stops and we were also working as a group and forming alphabets
    3.my group worked well because we all worked well
    4. We used listening, communication and acting
    5.i learned trying new ideas is nice and fun and participating is really important

    • Good one Huda. Demonstrates some understanding of dramatic forms and meaning. You need to expand your answers next time. 6/10

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