Grade 7A

Mirror Exercise

Evolution Game

Follow the Leader Mirror Exercise

Reflection and Evaluation

1. What could we do if we had more time?
2. How could you see what was going on in the activities?
3. How did your group work? Solo work? Why?
4. What skills did you use today?
5. What did you learn about yourself and the way you work with others?

8 thoughts on “Grade 7A

  1. On 28/08/2014, we played activities
    I most liked first activity, because it was funny and interesting.
    And I need to think about my around. If I can play one more time,I want to win.

  2. Last time, we learned different drama games and mirror. First imitate Mr. Lawrence, he was very funny. We also did rock ,paper, scissors and evolved into a dinosaur, alien, superhero and yogi.

  3. Today was a great day. We did the Blind Stalker game which was very entertaining and required co-ordination between the people who could see and the people who could not. We did the acting out excersize where we had to show an action for the thing that Mr. Lawrence said. It was fun but some were slightly tough to think of. Finally we did the mirror the expression game. The game was hilarious! The expressions we made, and the expressions our friends made it was great. I wish tpwe had played the evolution game today though.

  4. In drama class on Monday,we first played the blind stalker game I enjoyed it because the people with their eyes closed and the ones with their eyes open has to coordinate,to prevent people from getting out and being touched by the vampire.In the next activity we had to do an action to what Mr.Lawrence said it was fun because some of the actions and expressions were hilarious.In the last activity we had to make an expression and our partner had to copy us it was funny because we didn’t know what the expression really looked like untill out partner copied us.If we had more time I think we were going to play the evolution game.

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